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About Us

The Healing Power of Nature

Pillar 2 is a subsidiary of Universal Healthcare Management Services that understands the value of health from the inside out. We provide quality CBD to aid in our spiritual, mental and physical lives. We collaborate with reputable brands who ethically source their items to provide quality, wholesome CBD straight to you. 


The Pillar 2 Lifestyle

PILLAR 2 believes that if we were to work together towards a common purpose, it could develop into a very profitable partnership. PILLAR 2 is in the business of developing sustainable food strategies that generate new sources of revenues, full employment, agricultural independence, and food security. PILLAR 2 wants to enter into a global compact with "Our Community" to improve the response to food insecurity. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that people can become more food secure. PILLAR 2 wants to help communities become more self-reliant by establishing a collaborative relationship with the host community. Food and water has always been the catalysts for developing a stable and prosperous society. What better way to achieve stability than through food production. With the right growing technologies, people can feed themselves and generate sustainable economic activity within the host community.


With PILLAR 2 people can feed themselves, generate commerce, and reduce poverty on a massive scale. We want to collaborate with government agencies and local agricultural segments to develop a strategic solution that will increase revenues, provide healthy food to everyone, create jobs and opportunities, boost morale, invigorate local businesses, promote biodiversity, and create hope


The second agricultural revolution is in our midst. The earth's capacity to grow food is rapidly diminishing. The effects of desertification, wind and water erosion, global warming, and displacements, are putting unprecedented demands on the food supply systems. These pressures are having devastating effects on our food reserves and our ability to develop sustainable food strategies. However, these challenges also provide exceptional opportunities for those who can access emerging food technologies. 


Torpedopot™ is in the business of eliminating food deserts, feeding the world, and empowering its people. Torpedopot™ has achieved high levels of success at a local level by supplying hundreds of pounds of food to communities from its urban garden in the City of Philadelphia. Torpedopot™ will expand its efforts to include other cities as well as nations that are experiencing food insecurity challenges. Furthermore, Torpedopot™ will build strategic relationships with displaced communities around the globe. Torpedopot™ will aid disaster recovery relief organizations globally and help affected areas rebuild their food chains more quickly and effectively than ever before.


Torpedopot™ is in the business of economic sustainability. Developing small scale agriculture for refugees can be a significant source of employment, and with the necessary support, it can offer a sustainable and productive alternative to expensive large scale, capital intensive and labor displacing corporate farming. Torpedopot™ provides growing technologies to urban farmers to help them rebuild their lives.  Torpedopot™ has developed a five-year plan that explains how to move urban farmers from being dependent on conditions that are out of their control to a position of economic prosperity. Thus, allowing them to become vital stakeholders in the new economy.


Urban Farmers comprise a complex mix of socioeconomic groups from various backgrounds. Feeding them is both a bottom-up and a top-down endeavor. It requires strategic planning, action, organizing and commitment in the form of social contracts from host communities, various agencies, as well as corporate and public backing through supportive policies, appropriate zoning, and incentives.

No program, policy, or planning can work without an understanding of the stakeholders involved in this complex social economy. Torpedopot™ wants to put a food strategy in place that will encourage commerce, promote business, and grow the economy. The approach must:


  • Give urban famers the tools, training, and the social framework to grow food

  • Build synergies with host communities and encourage trade and commerce

  • Ensure the food strategy is sustainable

  • Strive for social stability

  • Ensure it is a market-driven initiative


Torpedopot™ believes that each stakeholder has the potential to play an integral role in developing a food strategy. This partnership approach is also in line with "Your organization’s desire to provide plant-based nutrition. Torpedopot™ will provide expertise to promote economic opportunities, dignity, job creation, and entrepreneurship opportunities for Urban Farmers  and host communities that empower women, young adults, older persons, and persons with disabilities.

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