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Pure Facial Oils With CBD

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Who We Are

Phase II is a black owned CBD company that operates with the understanding that CBD has great health benefits that can help elevate our community. Oftentimes we are dealing with internal factors, physical pain or general health issues that prohibit us from living our lives to the fullest potential. Pillar 2 uses CBD as a tool to reach out to the community and start the conversation and work needed to stabilize the health of our community.

From Our Customers

“I absolutely love these products. I order mine on a regular basis and I can certainly feel the benefits.”

Michelle Knighttential

Ethical Sourcing

Pillar 2 understands the value of health from the inside out. We provide quality CBD to aid in our spiritual, mental and physical lives. We collaborate with reputable brands who ethically source their items to provide quality, wholesome CBD straight to you. We believe that ethically sourcing our products helps to improve and save lives. For more information about ethical sourcing please visit

Aloe vera botanical drawing

Aloe Vera

Rosehip botanical drawing


Tea tree botanical drawing

Tea Tree

Wild rose botanical drawing

Wild Rose

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."


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